Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Looking into the mirror

January the 1st 2014. I woke up looked in the mirror and saw something I had never seen before. What I saw confused the hell out of me so I looked around the room to make sure nobody was around me and playing tricks on me then I washed my face to make sure my eyes were clear then once more I looked up. 

Nothing had changed I could still see what I previously saw.

Right then and there I thought to myself "I have two options 1. go back to bed fall asleep, wake up in a few hours and continue on the day and forget what I just saw or 2. Walk away from the mirror and into the world and start building the man I want to see when I look into the mirror"

If you know me now you know which option I chose. If you don't know me then welcome to my blog. I hope to make this space like a window for you to stare into and watch me on my journey to becoming the man that I want to see when I look into the mirror. 

My name is Jason Williams, I am a 21 year old Aboriginal from Narrogin, Western Australia, currently living in Sunbury, Victoria. 

I hope to inspire and make every one that is in my life today proud of the man I am becoming.

Thank you,

Jason Williams